Image courtesy: 1,2 - Victoria Pidust, 3 - Volo Bevza

Volunteering for territorial defense of Ukraine during Russian aggressive invasion in Ukraine in 2022




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WT Foundation

WT Foundation presents a solo exhibition by Volo Bevza. Opening at 18:00 on 24th of February. "Soft image" as the name of the project originally comes from the reasoning about immutability and fluidity in digital media theory.

Fahrenheit presents VOLO BEVZA*BIGIBAN*

Online Auction New Generation of Contemporary Art

New Generation of Contemporary Art

Facts about the Auction:
10 days; 30 artists; 120 art pieces; 12 countries; 3 Galleries; Special Covid Price.

In these time of change and awareness we are facing profound challenges from a global both social and economic perspective, we hold this auction to support each other's work and to create a cultural network to help confront what we are facing with as a community.

In this transition, where art seems to be our ally from everyday life, it cease to be a distant wish, to become a protective shield of the speedy techno-being; music, books, movies, series or art pieces to create new environments, is the playful escape into an idyllic world.

In a collaboration between 3 European galleries: Meanwhile Elsewhere @tobias__wachter (Berlin, Germany), Espai Tactel @espaitactel (Valencia, Spain) & Haimney Gallery (Barcelona, Spain). You can explore auction looking for us at